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The Best Laid Plans, etc...

The second electronic edition of Critical Wave is running slightly behind schedule, thanks to my extended stay in Portsmouth and Martin moving to a new address in Willenhall (meaning he's currently offline and will be until sometime on Wednesday, providing the telephone engineer turns up). We're still aiming to have it out by Wednesday, but apologies in advance if we slip by a day.

Please note:
Membership rates for the 2009 Eastercon rise at midnight tonight.
Membership rates for the 2009 worldcon rise on 1 January.

Yuletide Greetings!

Martin and I send yuletime felicitations to all our readers, and our best wishes for the new year.

Our next issue should be out early next week - assuming we don't overdo it on the xmas spirit!

LX Rates Rise Friday

Dave Langford writes...
"The time is out of joint, O curséd spite.... Here's a rare public service announcement. Before going to press with the December Ansible, I checked the 2009 Eastercon website and (some days earlier) asked the committee if any price rise was on the way. Ansible went out yesterday and today they helpfully tell me that -- although as I write their website still says nothing about this -- adult membership is rising to £55 and supporting to £30 on 5 December. Better get a move on if you want to go and haven't yet joined."


Initial reaction to Critical Wave #2.01 has been quite favourable, so looks like Martin and I will be pressing ahead for plans for a December edition.

The New Wave

Wave Rolling

Slowly, Critical Wave #2.01 is coming together. We have a new logo, cover art, reports on recent genre events, news regarding a major convention bid and... well, you'll all get to see when we launch next Friday. Watch this space.

Index Project [2]

As a taster, here's the first chunk of the book review index:

Index to Critical Wave book reviews, #1-#6Collapse )

Index Project

In parallel with the relaunch at Novacon, I fully intend to take up the various offers to assist with the creation of an online resource covering the original 46 issues (1987-96).

As a first stage, I intend to put together an index, listing convention reports, book reviews and miscellaneous essays / interviews. Soon as I have a significant chunk imported into an EXcel spreadsheet, I'll announce it here.

Edit: As an indicator, the first two issues - slim as they were - still found room for five convention reports, 28 book reviews and two stage reviews.

Flashback: July 1988

One of Critical Wave's most striking covers, featuring Clive Barker as horror icon Pinhead from Barker's movie Hellraiser. The illustration was provided by Iain Byers, based upon a sketch by Steve Green; logo designed by Kevin Clarke.

Flashback: October 1987

Martin Tudor and Steve Green, hard at word collating the very first edition of Critical Wave at the latter's home in Solihull. Copies were distributed simultaneously at Novacon 17 (Birmingham) and NICon II (Belfast).

[Photo taken by Ann Green; scanned and tidied by Kevin Clarke]